It may sound ridiculous,  but it is right on time.  
We  believe that something is  about to happen.  Angels exist, only  sometimes they  haven't got wings and we call them friends.


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ADOPTED! Read the emails from her rescuers below...


Size: Medium
Age: 2- YRS OLD
Sex:  Female


She is such a wonderful young female who had a real bad beginning. She was running loose in Lafayette, LA, was picked up by their Animal Control.

As she got to the Shelter, the manager fell in love with her and did not have the heart to put her down.
Roxane, was her name and was PEBBLES first Guardian Angel.
She contacted several Rescue Groups and no one answered, but we did.

A great group of Volunteers including two members of Gulfstream Rottweiler Club helped transport her from LA to Mueller Animal Hospital in Miami, FL.

She is an absolute darling who loves children, small and big dogs and older humans as well.

She got to Mueller and was spayed, she is HW positive and must go through treatment.

For information about PEBBLES, please contact Yoly Ramirez at or call her at


In a message dated 4/10/2010 9:02:17 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Good Evening :-)
I was wondering how Pebbles is doing?  She is so precious I can't stop thinking about her. 
She is doing great, last week she had he right hip surgery (FHO) was a success and the first Heart Worm treatment was also done last week.
I saw her this morning and she is doing very very well.
When they walk her, she start putting the right leg down.
When the stitches are off and the HW treatment finish, she is going to a wonderful foster home in Naples for her physical therapy, surgery and Heart Worm treatment recuperation.
She will probably will be ready for adoption in two to three months.
I will keep you all posted. She owes her life to you, you Roxane, were Pebble's first Guardian Angel.

Hugs, Yoly


from Pebble's new family...
From: Jeanette Jolly <>
Sent: Sun, May 2, 2010 11:32 am
Subject: Re: Pebbles

To all:
Pebbles would like to invite you to view recent pictures of her today at her new home in Naples, Florida!

I know she would like to thank each of you for taking such wonderful care of her and she is recovering very nicely from her hip surgery & heartworm treatment.  Each day she is getting stronger.  She places her hind leg down gently and her breathing is not as labored from the heartworm treatment.
Her new family includes her new parents, Dale, Jeanette & her new brother, Blue who is an eight year old Rottie and absolutely adores his new sister.  They kiss each other and share food & toys.

Pebbles has been with us for one week and she is eating very well . . . she actually has quite the appetite.  She has a big basket of toys and sleeps on her "Pebbles Bed" in our bedroom. 

Her new home is on several acres, completely fenced in and she always has someone at home as we work from home.  She's even been swimming twice!
At first, our intention was to foster Pebbles and have her stay with us until she was healthy enough to be adopted.  Well, that idea lasted for a whole 48 hours.  As you know, Pebbles is an absolute darling and we can't imagine her not being in our family.  She actually is a blessing to us, as we lost Blue's sister, Ruby, to cancer on March 1st. 
If any of you are ever in Naples, and would like to visit Pebbles, you are always welcome. 
Will stay in touch w/ all and promise to send pics so you can see how she is improving.
God Bless,
Jeanette, Dale, Blue and Pebbles!




Gulfstream GUARDIAN ANGELS Rottweiler Rescue
South Florida
954 309-0115

On May 2nd...

I totally understand how you instantly fell in love with her.  I had a very hard time letting her go and still cry but now I am crying happy tears knowing she is going to be loved and cared for the rest of her life.  She is such a special girl ... one of a kind and I am blessed to have been able to share some time with her and save her. 
You know how special she is and please keep sending me up dates and pictures as I will never forget her. 

and from Veronica
wow you know rescue has hardened me up some but I have tears rolling down my face- I had her for 2 nights and LOVED her as well-- she was such a joy to have met-- thank YOU for sharing your heart, home and such beautiful details with us......
I can not wait to one day see her again when i'm near!

Veronica in Orlando!

and from Louise...
Pebbles was at first going to come and stay with me for a spell but was never able to as she was lucky enough to be place in a foster home. To hear how much everyone fell in love with her I am kinda glad as then I might not have been able to let her go also.  Thank you for including me as hearing this about a dog you have never met brings tears to the eyes of happiness as they always touch your heart whether you got the chance to meet them or not. 
Louise Kuttler, Pet Concierge
Sun Kiva Kennels