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Size: Medium
Age: young about 2 yrs old
Sex:  female

 Poor girl was abandoned in a house when her family moved out. A  neighbor was trying to take care of her but couldn't keep doing it. She found  Jazz a new home  with someone else and for some reason or another they couldn't keep her .They then contacted GGARR. Yoly contacted GGARR volunteer and Angel Carol from Naples to see if she could go see her . So Carol  went and picked up this girl in Port Charlotte and took her home.
 She is a sweet and gentle girl who just wants to be loved. She gets along with other dogs and doesn't seem to pay attention to cats.
 She is also house trained and very obedient.
 She is about 2yrs old. Spayed , UTD , HW neg and microchipped. 
For information on Jazz, please, contact Yoly Ramirez at or call her at 954-309-0115

ON JULY 14th, her new "mom" Narissa writes...

I'm sorry to report that Paul is totally spoiling Jazz and unfortunatly I'm no better. We made the descision before we got her that she would not be allowed on the furniture (that lasted about 2 hrs) and that we would be the boss of her.  She runs the house, we have even been taking turns working from home because she doesn't like to be alone.  Our whole focus is on playing with her and making her happy.  But we can't help it, she is just so cute.  She always wants to sit with us (and on top of us) Our other Rottie was very independant and would go sleep in her crate, Jazz always has to be where we are and always has to be touching us.  She is so sweet.

She is awesome with the cats.  She chases them if they run but is very gentle when she catches them.  She likes to go up to them when they're sleeping and put her nose under them and push them off whatever they are lying on. She annoys them sometimes (most of the tme) but shows no appgression.  We have slowly started to let her play with other dogs. Again no aggression, she is very playfull.  One of my chihuahuas got snappy with her and she just backed away. 

Also no accidents in the house and no chewing...I got a Chihuahua mix from animal control a year ago and that one still chews shoes and paper and has accidents,  so we were expecting at least a few incidents from Jazz. We haven't been crating her as she hates the crate but there really is no need as she is so well behaved.

Thank you again for allowing us to adopt her.  Paul has never adopted a rescue dog before and was very doubtful he would find one. He believed that rescue dogs all have problems (probably because my rescue dogs are so bad)  I'm trying to get some good pictures of her.




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