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Hi Yoly, Hope you are well. RUFO BEAR is doing really well. We love him so much. He has turned into a really good dog. He has a few issues like cat, dog and kids. He also does not like anyone to come by Scott or I when he goes for his afternoon walk. I could not get any pictures of him with us because he will not stand still long enough to get the picture. LOL. I think he has doggy ADD. LOL. You can see by the pictures I got he looks really good, he put on about 10 pounds and he is so happy. He really loves us so much. Yes, Scott and I spoil him non stop. I will never be able to thank you enough for giving us our special son. He makes us smile and laugh every day. You are a true hero for the work you do and thank you for saving our baby and letting us have him.



a great dog for obedience or agility, very playful! 

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 Is Rufo another Ellis?


RUFO came out of Miami Dade Animal Shelter.  His picture was sent to me on the day of his arrival at the shelter.

I did not want to look at him, but his picture kept hunting me.
I had to wait 5 days before I was able to claim him and all this time I was hesitant. 
But once again, God had other plans for Rufo and for me. 

click on the picture below

Then comes RUFO, pictured below

  four weeks later on

and RUFO below
4 weeks later!
On Saturday, I was told he was going to be put to sleep.
I was in Ocala, FL at dog shows. I asked Yoly Ramirez to call the shelter and put a hold on him until Monday.
I had until noon to pick him up. RUFO came to my home.  
I left school after recording student attendance and went to pick him up!
The drive back to my home was the same drive I did with Ellis in my car.
I had to open the windows as the rotten smell was overwhelming.
These are his first pictures. 
After work I gave him a good bath and a dip.  As I bathed him you could tell he was so happy.
He allowed me to scrub him really good, work on his feet, his ears.
He did not show any tension as I was rubbing him,
on the contrary I could tell by looking at his eyes that he was telling me...
thank you, thank you, thank you.


  he had several sores like the one on his right ear.  Sore is now dry, he is now getting a full coat!

  and a very bad spot behind his shoulders. Look at his scattered hairs!
Scabs are gone.

 his legs and feet had no hair either, no color.  Black and brown is now showing. His nails were trimmed when he was neutered.

He was full of hookworms, we used Panacur and had him
on antibiotics. He now is given Ivomec orally.
He had a sad look, but he has become the HAPPIEST DOG in the world!


RUFO was found as a stray. He has an AVID microchip registered to a
puppy store. We were told the store only kept records of microchips for one year.
RUFO is now neutered. He was quarantined at my home, and now he is the rest of the rescued dogs.
 He has a tremendous appetite. He eats his food in seconds, I guess he is afraid someone else is
going to eat it!

I ask myself, did ELLIS sent RUFO to me? All I know is this, as I was bathing him I had tears
running down my face.
I knew I had fallen in love with this dog already!

RUFO'S story will be put up on the GGARR website. He is ready for ADOPTION! 

He is a young dog FULL of energy. He needs a home with lots of room to play in.  And remember, NO CATS.


We thank all of you who have sent a donation to help cover his medical bills. These pictures you are seeing here, are YOUR success.  God bless you.

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