It may sound ridiculous,  but it is right on time.  
We  believe that something is  about to happen.  Angels exist, only  sometimes they  haven't got wings and we call them friends.


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June 4, 2010
Pictured with Nancy Guido who came from Tennessee to give Keira her dream home!

and now in December celebrating her first Christmas with the Guidos...

Sweet pretty Keira went today to her Forever Home in TENNESSEE.
Her new Mom, Nancie Guido, who many of you know her well, flew yesterday from TN to Miami International Airport, rented a SUV and came to Mueller to meet her new great girl.
Grace and I were there to welcome this old friend of the Rottweiler breed.
This morning she picked Keira up and on her way home they went.
What a wonderful thing that started when our dear GRC member Dana Agresta who knows Nancie well found out that she had lost her female Rottie and recommended Nancie to call Grace and myself.
What a great home for Keira.
Another Happy Ending dear friends and they keep coming.
Thank you God.


Size: Medium
Age: 2- YRS OLD
Sex:  Female


Running loose in Chipley, north Florida and picked up by Animal Control, I was taken to their Shelter.

The manager fell in love with my great disposition and loving temperament and contacted the Guardian Angels.

From there, I was transported to Sun-Kiva Kennels for my quarantine and from there another transport with my Rottie friend NADIA to Mueller Animal Hospital in Miami.

Spayed, fully vaccinated, microchip, waiting for my new Forever Home.

Come to meet me, please
For information on KEIRA, please contact Yoly Ramirez at  or call her at 954-309-0115





And now at her new home!

Nancy writes...

Grace, how very honored I am to have one of your Rottweiler Rescues. Your team does a phenomenal job to ensure that your dogs are the kind of Rottweilers that will enhance the reputation of the breed. Kady (aka Keira) has been a breeze to train and it is because of the quality of your rescue service that makes this possible. Thank you for allowing me to take one of your kids home with me – as I told you, I don’t know that I could have bred a better quality dog. I am sending a photo taken just one week after she arrived to live with us.

You know that we lost our beloved Misty at age 11½ this last February to a splenetic tumor. This was a huge loss to Mike and me, but even a bigger loss to her son, Clark, who has always been surrounded by up to three other Rotties. He truly mourned her loss. One of the most poignant moments happened about four days after we had her euthanized. The vet, a kindly Dr. Gordon who owned Rottweilers himself, agreed to come out to the car with his assistant to do what needed to be done. Misty was laying on her bed with her blanket. On this fourth day, we had already washed her bedding, but the blanket was still in the garage. Mike had put Clark in the back of the Suburban with the hatch open and had picked up the blanket to take it in the house to be washed. He came back out to the garage and noticed something very curious and came back into get me. Here was Clark with one solitary tear rolling down his face. It broke my heart . . . I realized he knew Misty wasn’t coming back and he was crying. I knew then and there that we needed to get another Rottie, pronto.

All of us are quite smitten with Kady. She is curious about her new surroundings, especially the varmits (groundhogs, squirrels, bugs, etc.) which she has not likely seen the likes of in Miami! She is now faithfully sitting for both her treats (which she no longer grabs as if to bite the hand as well) and her feedings and is learning to lie down at our dinner table, a custom we have with our dogs. Fitting in has been her strong suit! She's quite content to sleep through the night in a crate, even though Clark has roaming privileges. Clark is so happy and content in her company. The gal who comes to work for me on Thursdays said today that he no longer looks so sad. Kady shoves him aside when she wants attention (which is what confident girls do, right?), but is also learning that there will always be plenty of attention for her. Playing with toys is something she obviously has never done before, but she's beginning to get the idea. The tightness in her face is softening now that she's becoming familiar with her surroundings. I've started making the transition from the veterinarian's food to raw diet and she's doing remarkably well. She is figuring out what her name is, especially when there are treats involved!

Did I tell you that she went ballistic on our way home twice when we were at gas stations and there were men in the area? Curious. She also barked like mad at a kindly black policeman in Atlanta who was giving me directions to Trader Joes. She's a good little protection girl, but I'd like to soften some of that over time.

Since she only has a 16" neck, I didn't have any collars that fit her and have been using a flexi as a lead and collar which I've done without incident for both Clark and Misty. Well, yesterday when we were out for a walk and two of the people in our community were out walking their Schnauzers on one of our more quiet streets, she slipped the lead and ran toward them with hackles on her back fully raised. I just about died . . . picturing the worst: Rottweiler kills Schnauzers!!  Fortunately the Knoedlers are pretty savvy dog folks and we calmed our dogs and they petted her and she calmed down, but I knew I needed to get a collar that fit her on the double!! So we are outfitted now and she's not going to be getting out of hand on my watch any longer. Clark, of course, was as calm as a cucumber.

About that wicked hotspot on her neck. She's wearing a soft e-collar and I'm using tea tree oil to heal that up. The spray was drying it out, but seemed to be causing some itching so I went on the internet and got some information on hot spots and have been trying different things to see what will work best. The most important tip was to keep an e-collar on the affected dog. As long as she can’t scratch at it, it will heal.

All in all, Grace and Yolly, I am totally thrilled with my rescue from Guardian Angels. Just awesome work you are doing!! I've been sending folks to your site and will get some photos hopefully over the weekend. Ellis’s story has made some of my friends weep to think that he could have been so horribly neglected.

Thanks again for all that you do! I am serious about helping out here in TN. Just give me a little time to get one big project off my shoulders. It's been a busy time for a variety of reasons, but I'm determined to spend quality time with my new girl and with Clark as well.

Hugs to both of you,

Nancie Guido

Gulfstream GUARDIAN ANGELS Rottweiler Rescue
South Florida
954 309-0115