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and his brother BEN.


Size: Medium
Age: 1-1/2 YR OLD
Sex:  Male


 From his FOSTER HOME...

I really want JERRY to go to a good home, because I really have fallen in love with him! 
I wanted to share what I have learned about this incredible animal in the last month. 

He is absolutely the sweetest dog ever!  I mean, if you’re sitting down he just comes and puts his head on your lap for you  to pet.  I’ve been sad the past couple of days knowing that we can’t keep him and he comes to me to console me, how amazing is that?! 

He had obviously been abused previously and only now is just starting to build some confidence back in himself.  The simplest of things would make him sprawl on the floor like a frog and then he would roll over on to his back to show his submissiveness. 

  I have taught him to “sit” to put his leash on to go out for a walk and then to sit again before we take it off.  He does this now by just seeing the leash, no need for me to give the command anymore unless he is not feeling up to it, lol.  He is really smart and learns fast!  He knows sit, laydown, c’mon (when I’m leaving a room and want him to follow) get your water or get your food, go potty and get on your bed.  He’s learned a lot while he’s been here.  He walks really good on a leash, never pulling!  He knows which chair in the house is his and he doesn’t get on any of the other furniture. 

He’s great when people come to the house, never barking or going crazy like some dogs do.

Rides great in the car, he LOVES to go for car rides and once we get going he just lays down and enjoys the ride. 

He loves to be around you nonstop.  He will sleep in his crate, so long as that it’s in your bedroom and he can be next to you. 

He’s a great walker, he has gone on many a 3 mile walks with me and only tires near the end.  He loves other dogs and is usually shy at first, but plays great once he warms up to them. 

He likes rawhide bones, even though at first he didn’t know what they were.  He also likes squeak toys, again he had no idea what a toy was when we first gave them to him. 

He has only had a couple of accidents in the house, he learned very fast about needing to go outside to potty, this may take some time to get use to again. 

The one thing we obviously haven’t been able to get past is his separation anxiety and he is terrible at being crated!!  He needs someone who can be home a lot with him and not have to crate him!  It may be ideal to have a fenced in yard for him, as I think this would a benefit for him. 

I think he may also do good in a home with other dogs, he doesn’t like being by himself and having been found with his brother and then taken to the kennel I think this maybe the first time he has ever not had another dog around. 

When we took him to visit family and he spent the weekend with another dog, we left them outside the entire day and he was perfectly content, mostly lying by the door but not the usual panic that sets in when he is by himself. 

It absolutely breaks our hearts to give this sweet boy back, but we recognize that he needs to find his forever home.

Someone is going to be very lucky having Jerry at home.

For information on JERRY, please contact  Yoly Ramirez at  or call her at






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