It may sound ridiculous,  but it is right on time.  
We  believe that something is  about to happen.  Angels exist, only  sometimes they  haven't got wings and we call them friends.


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Size: Medium
Age: 2yrs old
Sex:  female

This is a bitter/sweet story. One of those things, I have never encountered before, but there is always a Guardian Angel watching for our Kids.
Today, Haley went to her Forever Home, she was adopted by a dear lady who had fostered her for the past 3 months.
First, let me tell you that Haley was very much loved by her first owner, she is only 2 years old. The young woman who had bought her at 6 weeks old, lost her job and had no choice to move back home and of course took Haley with her. In her home, lives her Mother and an older sister with her dog.
One day, there was a BIG argument between the two sisters and Haley went to defend her Mom, she did not hurt the older sister, but their mother kicked her daughter and Haley out of the house.
This young woman contacted Grace and me and asked us to please take Haley and we did. I will never forget the day she brought her to Mueller Animal Hospital. I was there waiting for them. She cried, Haley cried and I did too.
Then, comes the sweet part, must of you at GRC, I am sure remember Betty Chambers, she was GRC President for years before Grace Acosta. Betty passed away three years ago. A great woman Betty was, great Rottweiler lover also.
Her younger sister Andrea, lost her female Rottie about 6 months ago and contacted me. All these happened a week after we got Haley.
Andrea came to Mueller and Haley came so happy to meet her, but she told me "Yoly, I am not ready to adopt any dog yet, let me foster her" and of course I said YES.
She has a very nice home with a HUGE swimming pool and Haley loves to swim, I called her Esther Williams, remember her?
Anyway, she started emailing me pictures and video of Haley swimming and yesterday, finally called to me, "Yoly, Haley is mine"
I went this morning to her home to make it official.
What a wonderful new Mom Haley has, I am sure that Betty is dancing of joy from Heaven, seing her sister happy again.
What a wonderful story dear friends, sorry if it was too long, but I wanted to tell the world.
Another Happy Ending, 59 dogs have been adopted this year so far, but I promise you, there will be more before this year end.
Thank you God.






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