It may sound ridiculous,  but it is right on time.  
We  believe that something is  about to happen.  Angels exist, only  sometimes they  haven't got wings and we call them friends.


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Yoly writes...

I just finish talking to Bone's new Mom and she has changed his name to Peace and he already answers by that name.
Guess what, he sleeps with her on her bed since the first night.
She told me how loving he is.
Good thing you saved his life from North Carolina.


Pictured above on June 17th, and then on July 8th, 2010. Only 21 days after rescue!!!!

Bone arrived from North Carolina at Grace Acosta's home in Miami on June 16, 2010. He will be going to the veterinary clinic to have a complete health check and back to Grace's home until he is strong enough to be neutered.

Please, if you wish to help with his vet bill use the PAY PAL below. Any, any donation is appreciated.



Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Sex:  male


I am another ABUSED Rottweiler. I was an owner surrender. My owner did not even get a fine when he left me at the shelter. But, here is my story written by the three ladies who saved me.

I AM NOT READY to go to your home yet. I am told that I need a lot of tender loving care and that Grace will make sure I do.

OK... here is Janice.

Date: Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 1:47 PM
Subject: Hi

Hi Grace, I just heard that "Buddy" made it to you.
Buddy was a turn-in at our Fairfield County Shelter. They had him in a separate pen outside because they said he had mange.  I work at the adoption center but go to the shelter frequently to see what has come
in, and thats where I saw Buddy.

His name on the paperwork was "Bone
Crusher" and I looked into his eyes and knew it didn't fit him.
Something drove me to take pictures and send out a plea for his life. (Grace Acosta received several emails from all over the country asking her to help me)
I went into the kennel with him several times and felt no fear or
 danger, so I changed his name to Big Guy . Nancy White who owns a pet store here in Winnsboro called me and offered to foster him and treat him after I had confirmed with you that you would take him. A few
rescues had called and I thought one was taking him, but then they never called back or answered my messages. I knew time was of the essence so I contacted you again to plead for his life.  You were so kind to accept him and I can't thank Nancy enough for her help in saving this guy.   I did ask why this owner wasn't charged with cruelty, I am still waiting for a viable answer to that one.  Please, keep me posted on "Buddy" and God Bless yoou for saving him..

Janice Emerson
Adoption Co-ordinator
Fairfield County Animal Shelter
Winnsboro, SC 29180

For information about BONE, please contact Yoly Ramirez at or call her at




Pictured on his arrival in Miami!

Pictured 21 days later!


21 days later!...

and look at his rear after only 3 weeks!

on July 8, 2010!

"I am waiting for my new home!"

Gulfstream GUARDIAN ANGELS Rottweiler Rescue
South Florida
954 309-0115

On June 14th...

I just dropped the dog off at Nancy White's. She owns Pet Shack here in Winnsboro. She says she thinks he is just eaten up with fleas, not mange. His ears show signs of flies chewing on them too. She is bathing him right now and when I get out of work, I will go help her do whatever she needs help with.
 I will start looking for transport, at least he is safe for now. I was worried about him staying there (the shelter) much longer. 
 God Bless you for what you do, and for saving this fellow and all the guys you have been an angel for.
 Janice Emerson
On June 16th...
Hello Grace,
I'm so happy you decided to take this sweet boy in.. he needs you and will make someone a great family member. Although I only had him 24hrs I saw nothing but a sweet, loving & Gentle boy that  has forgiven and knows that now all humans are not bad.
He looked like he was withheld food for many days, weeks or months. I know you will get him back to what this prince should look like.  Hats off to you and all the people involved with your rescue.
When I saw this boy on FB posted by another rescue group wanting him pulled .. and saw he was close I knew I had to step in... something in his eyes.
I was told when I spoke with Janice she had someone wanting him.. but was waiting on transport and he needed out time was running out on this guy.. although I only have small grooming shop and not much room ... I myself have # dogs , 3 are Rottweilers  .. one I just rescued before he went to the pound, and was brought to me by my Rasta who just passed away on Sunday ..
GOD works wonders and has ways of connecting people that will just make you sit back and think.. hmm how'd he do that !
  I knew I had to make room for Buddy "AKA  Bone Crusher".. and so glad I was able to hold him for you until transport.. Thanks to Lista on FB she got Harry in contact with me & he was going your way... This boy was meant for you , Grace thank you for opening your heart to him.. & cannot wait to see updated pictures.  PS I love your saying "If you don't rescue , Don't breed".   I have owned Rottweilers for over 14yrs and are my heart & Chihuahuas go hand N Hand... it is so funny to see  some people that have a rottweiler also have 1-2 Chihuahuas.. love'em!

Here is a picture of Buddy  when we where going to meet his driver from Lake Norman Transport.

Nancy White