What a sweet loving big boy.  A teddy bear to say the least.  Taz is a doll about 6 years old and neutered.  He loves walks and laying close and always being by your side.  Do you think you might be the home for him?  If so please contact bondmeout@aol.com


Taz has been adopted.  He shall be the big brother to Sasha one of the Tampa 8 that the Dorsey's rescued.  He already loves his new mom and dad and his sister and is settling in well.

Michelle wrote a great letter a few days after having Taz in her home.  She says:

I had to take Sasha to Dr Grubb last
night and we brought him, Grubb thought he was great - he got in his face
and pet him and said he had a great temperament.   Also when I first got
home after work yesterday  I opened the door and Taz came running to me, I
was so excited but then he kept on going and ran past me I got so scared he
was running away - I  kept calling him but he went to the drivers side of
the car and sat and waited.  He wanted to go for a ride.  I had the mustang
so I put the top down and took for a ride in the neighborhood- thank God
only in the neighborhood.  He was in the back and then made his way to the
passenger seat, his big butt doesnt even fit on it.  Next thing he is
staring at the speedometer and boom he is on my lap.  I had to stop of
course but he wouldnt get off me.  At first it was hysterical but then he
was killing my leg.  I had to open the door and get him out and start all
over in the back seat.  But when we neared he house he did it again - so I
called Sam to come out and walk him home.  I think he wants to drive
because he saw I wasnt going fast enough.