Rina is a sweet and loving little girl.  She is a small rottweiler but has a ton of love inside her.  She was dumped in Clewiston and was picked up by a member of GGARR.  She was then transported to Ft. Lauderdale where another member took her to Mueller's to be examined and spayed.  She had a bad yeast infection and has been treated for it.  It appeared she had a bite on her hip and that also was treated.  Yoly, a member of GGARR has been going to see her on a regular basis and constantly brags about the sweetness of this little girl. Rina says to tell you she is very sweet and loving and would love to accompany you on night walks or just lay about watching TV.  Rina needs to be in the house almost all of the time.  She has soft pleading eyes.

If you would like more information please contact Yoly at ygrotts@aol.com.






Update July 4, 2004


What a happy 4th of July when I checked the email to find the following from Yoly:


Diane Frankle, her son Sam and I, picked up Rina Saturday morning at Mueller and she took her home.  Rina was the very shy girl that was found in Clewiston by a lady name Marina that work in Vet in Davie, that is why we named her Rina, because Marina was Rina's first Guardian Angel. Rina had given birth to pups apparently earlier this year and  she had a terrible fungus and yeast infection on her vulva which was so swollen that it looked 6 times as big, she also had a wound on her back near her tiny tail and also had a bad skin infection. I picked her up from the Hospital where Marina works in Davie and took her to Mueller, our transition miracle place. At Mueller's, Dr. Adriana, as always put her on a heavy treatment and the guys at Mueller started spoiling her.

Yoly visited Rina on a regular basis and was the one that showed her that people really could be trusted.  Yoly's love and dedication to this baby helped her to heal in ways medicine cannot, thus making her the loving dog she is.  We are sure that Diane and her family will further that love and show Rina that life is truly beauitful.

and then there was this e-mail from Diane:

hi all, i think rina is the dog for us!  she has come out of her shell and is a happy playful puppy!  she is sweet, curious, patient, loving and beautiful!  i am going to buy a camera just so i can send you all some pics.  she is at my feet as i type this.  she is a god-send, and so are all of you at guardian angel rescue!  i am so blessed to have your help and support, especially yoli!  we love you!  diane, sam, and rena(sammy-sita)  we are naming her in honor of samanth and yoly.


Now this is real reason to celebrate and we look forward to pictures to share and more stories to follow on how Rina is doing