HI my name is Nico.  One day I found myself in this very odd place and then this angel came out of nowhere.  I heard her talking to some people and the next thing you know I was in her SUV and headed to a new place.  I am about 2 years old.  Very handsome with eyebrows most dogs would beg for.  I have a sweet smile and love to go for walks...mostly I like to be petted by my owners and to give them kisses but right now I do not have any owners.  Its nice here with this lady that came and got me but I am really hoping to find a family of my own...can that be you?   If so call  Catherine 954 463 6363  or Email her @






Update 7/11/04


Yippeeeeeeeee! I found the greatest home.  I met this man names Rich and his wife Shondra...they are so cool, and they fell in love with me and want me to live with them.  I will join my sister Shadow who they now call Tinkerbell and also a brother Ben and another brother but I cannot remember his name.  They have a pool and you know I love the water.  Rich my new daddy came to pick me up today and I got all decked out in a bandana and was ready to go when they got there. 


GGARR thank Rich and Shondra for the love they give to animals and their commitment to the betterment of animal life.  Truly they are the definition of guardian angels.