INDY  was left at animal control with her sister by her own owner. Both were in the same run.  Grace asked them not to put them down, that she  was going to take them.  The sister got adopted and INDY was left alone.  She was spayed and when I went to pick her up she was very ill.    Grace placed her on a high dose of antibiotics and it took several weeks before she got better. Now she is better and is looking for a "Forever Home"  Could that be you?  Indy is just over two years. 



Our Indy was rescued at the Pet Awareness Event by a family

who had just lost their pet the week before.  They drove all of

the way from Pensacola to

pick her up.   She has a new playmate that she has already grown to love (actually it seemed to be love at first site with these two. 

Her new mom and dad and said it was like she has always been there..

a portion of his e-mail read

We changed her name to Helga (which she already responds to).  She fits in as well as if we had raised her from a puppy (which she still is).  These pictures were taken the day after we got her home.  Will send more after her party.



Indy had her own WELCOME HOME party complete with cake.  It is easy to see

in this pictures how loved she is and how she has truly found her forever home.