In an e-mail from C. Crespo she tells us a little about Don

Today I went to see the new guy that Lynn Delgago found at her work .  He was hit by a car and had a large open wound on his back lag.  He is all sewed up, wound looks good, neutered, heartworm negative pos  for erlichia and being treated for it.

He is about 3 very affectionate, but full of energy.  Seems to be ok with other dogs, but I can not tell about the cats.  We brought him to see the kitties in the crates and he was VERY interested, but did not try to attack.  I think he would have gone for a good chase if given the chance.  Perhaps an experienced handler could teach him about  cats, but otherwise I think the cat thing will not work. X-rays show  everything is fine .  He is ready to go Very cute face, small boy, about 80 Lbs

As for me I have to say I saw his pictures and my heart skipped a beat..I sat there and stared at his eyes and saw an impish angel....I saw a great and loyal companion and a boy not only wanting a home but having so much love inside him that anyone would be blessed to have him as a loyal companion.  I saw ball playing in a field and great walks on beautiful nights...and someone waiting at the door when the day had been long and stressful.  This guy has had a rough time but he is such a your heart telling you to that inner voice telling you this is the one?  If so please contact us.  He is waiting for a forever home...IS IT YOU?

If your would like more information on Don please contact