I received such a heartwarming e-mail about this sweetie from Debbie and I have to share with you.  If it does not make you just want to run and get him I don't know what will.  Kathy is such an angel herself in that she has fostered our Grace and Hope and its seems in doggie land that the work is out that she is great...when you read her email you will see why.

Dear Palena ~
This is Debbie Sampson (we spoke via e-mail before...)   I am the realtor that took in Gracie and Hope who were abandoned in Sunrise.   As you know, Gracie has been adopted (hurray!), but little Hope is still here with me.   I hope that you got the new pics of her I sent you back a couple of weeks ago.   I think they show her sweet personality a little better than the first shots I took of her.  If you need me to resend, please let me know.
Anyway, the purpose of this letter is that Cathy asked me to send you a few pics of the "house guest" staying here with Hope, and to tell you a little about him.   Cathy is graciously helping me out with this one that found me!   She said maybe someone would see him on your website...
We are calling him "Buddy" because that's all he wants to be ~ everybody's buddy!!!   Back around mid-November, I was working inside with all the doors shut and windows closed when for "some reason" I stopped and just went and looked outside ~ why?    Here's some pics of what was sitting at my gate...   and he wasn't going anywhere!   I've put flyers up with his picture, ad in the Sun Sentinel, but no calls yet.
He is absolutely the most gentle dog I think I've met, with the exception of Mike (who we fostered that was adopted up to Panama City).   He is neutered, housebroken, doesn't chew on anything, gets along well with everyone (not sure about cats, but he doesn't chase the squirrels in the yard like all my other ones do).   Even when Miss "I'm the boss and get all the attention or else" Hope gets pushy with him, he just stands there and looks at her like "what's all the fuss about, I just want to be buddies...."  He doesn't even offer to be aggressive back toward her.    He's just a big ole hunk of love!   A tongue about three-miles long, always ready to drown you with kisses.   Loves to "talk" to you... can carry on a conversation for quite a while if you talk back to him (and you don't need a hearing aid, if you know what I mean!).   I think he'd be a great companion for a person who lives alone, perhaps an elderly person.   He's big-boned and tall, probably 100+ right now, but he is being treated for tape worms, so he was underweight by about 15-20 pounds when he came here.   He'll probably be a good 110-120 when filled out!   But he's not "pushy" with his size.   He knows sit, down, shake and LOVES his tennis balls!   He is very content to sit out in the yard for hours at a time, sometimes I have to make him come inside... he seems to love the fresh air and sunshine.   I have no idea of his age, but Cathy will be able to tell me when she sees him.  He is Rottie mix (I believe with some hound; thus the "talking"), but a handsome looking boy.
Other than that, what can I say...  sounds cliché, but he IS a Sweetheart.
Maybe you can find spot to put Buddy's picture and someone will fall in love with him!!!???
Thank you so very much,
Debbie-Lynn Sampson

If your would like more information on Buddy please contact debbielynn@bellsouth.net



I cannot resist putting this email up.  To me it shows both the character of foster parents we have and also the personality of this dog...after reading this e-mail if your heart tells you to place Buddy in your home please contact us.  This is an e-mail I received from Debbie after Buddy's visit to the vet

Dear Palena ~
I just saw the pics of Buddy and the new ones of Miss Hope on your website.   Thank you for putting Buddy's story out there...   He thinks he looks GOOD on the internet!!!   I took him to my vet yesterday to be "checked out" and he is in great shape...  heartworm negative, so I started him on Heartguard, no worms of any kind, heart and other organs in good shape, skin and coat looking really good.  I also went ahead and got all of his shots, so he is good to go!    My vet says he's probably about 7 years young and was indeed probably "someone's baby" that got separated from them.  
Everyone at the vet's office fell in love with him.   He was absolutely wonderful with all the other dogs, cats and people there.   He let Dr. Marlene poke and prod at him without blinking an eye.   While telling her about Buddy and Hope and GGARR, she was moved enough to tell me to have Cathy call her to discuss working with GGARR in both her Davie clinic and her Pembroke Pines clinic ~ isn't it wonderful how "all things that work together for good..." come together? 
The new pics of Hope look great too, yes she's gained weight, her new nickname is "Butterball!"   I just LOVE her, she's stolen both my husband's and my heart.   It is going to be extremely hard to let her go...  but we do love her that much that we know she deserves her very own family to love only her.   I am praying and patiently awaiting that call from the special person who is going to take her home.
Until we speak again, take care and bless you ALL for what you are doing!
Debbie-Lynn, Hope & Buddy :)




No better way to share the good news than the e-mail I received from Debbie....Another angel has given one of our babies a forever home...Debbie writes as follows

Dear Palena ~
Hope all is going well at your "farm!"   I hear you just got another boy from Cathy...  bless your heart!
I figured Cathy has already told you, but I wanted to make sure...   Buddy has indeed found his forever home!   My Mom fell in love with him when she visited at Christmas and although she said she didn't want another dog (she has 6 cats) after her Princess passed a few years back, she just couldn't stop thinking of Mr. Bud after she went home.   My husband took him up to her in Central Florida on Saturday and he is doing WONDERFUL.   He's met four of the six cats and they (the cats) are tolerating this big lug in their space, but Buddy could care less.   He's just happy to have a "mommy" again.  My Mom has already spoiled him rotten with his own bed and comforter, toys, bones, even his own TV (for when she's at work). 
Since he likes the outdoors so much, she has been coming home at lunch to visit with him and let him go outside for a bit and she told me last night (even though she has a large fenced in yard) she was going to have a custom run built the length of her home with a roof and doggie door to the house so that he could "come and go" as he pleased during the day.   (She wouldn't even consider leaving him outside unless he was protected by a run and could get inside whenever he wanted.)   I had to tell her to slow down a little, that he was perfectly content for now just being loved on and she should save some "presents" for him for later on.  She just feels as though he's been through such tough times, that he deserves the best of the best now!   Sounds like he's made the big time, doesn't it!?
She will be taking some pics of him soon and I will forward to you ~ another happy ending ~ thank you Lord!
Well, just wanted to pass along the good news, keep in touch,


UPDATE 2/5/04

Receiving another letter from Debbie and some photos that I just could not resist putting up

Dear Palena ~
Hope all is going well with you.  As you can see by the new photos, Mr. Buddy is doing great!   He came for a visit this weekend.   He looks really good, gained weight and filling out nicely.   I can tell you first-hand that my mom has already spoiled him rotten!!!   And I just got a call last night that he'd scored a "touchdown" with the cats...   they've all finally accepted him into the family as they laid with him on his blanket.    He's now the proud big brother of 6 felines!!!
Just wanted to pass along the good news!
Take care.