Lady Amanda

Hello.  My name is Amanda.  I am a little quiet - but I do love to be loved.  My old owners decided they did not want me after I lost all of my puppies.  I do not understand why and it hurt but Miss Yoly has told me that many people would love to have a sweet girl like me.  I would love to be with a family that just loved to let me love them and sit with them, go for walks on a sunset night, cuddle together in the rain, and let me make them laugh with all the love I could give them.  Can that be you?

Ms. Yoly has said she will help me find a home.  

You can contact her at  or call her at 954-435-3235, her name is Yoly Ramirez




Lady Amanda has found her forever home.  We hope to be able to share pictures soon for now we shall share an email from her new parents after her first night at home


To all of you a big thankyou ,her first night went well and i know she will be great .She likes going on walks and is a lot better on the leash than i thought she would be .Have a great weekend and keep up the good work ,later Rob and Denise .p.s. we will keep you all informed as to her progress ,later .....


and the email Yoly sent upon her adoption



She went home today and I have to tell you that Robert and Denise White, her new Mom and Dad, are the most nice and caring couple that I have met in a long time.
We have met at Starbucks near my house this morning and after a good cup of coffee, they follow me to Mueller.
Just my first impresion when I met them was great.
Mueller was packed, like always and we waited there for a while to go into an empty room and when we got in, Juni brought Lady Samantha.
She went crazy when she saw them, she is an adorable pretty sweet girl that a week ago was so afraid, she couldn't even be touched, but the hands of these guys at Mueller are great.
She licked Denise and Rob 10M times and me too.
It was a perfect match and they took her home.
She is very young and in a couple of weeks she will feel completely at home with this wonderful family.
Thank you God, for giving me again and again, the opportunity to be part of this great Rescue and adoption process.
I love the White family and they promised me to keep in touch and tell us Lady Amanda's progress and they might come for Oktoberfest and even maybe for the Parade of Rescue.
Love and hugs to the new proud parents and their new Baby