This very pretty girl was surrendered by her owner. She is now in Miami and already spayed.   She is a sweet dog. Very good with people. Roxy is approx. 2 yrs. old.  Please contact  

To tell you a little about Roxy:

Are you are willing to become one of our Guardian Angels? I strongly believe that some people are chosen by God to do His work.

ROXY is a gorgeous female.  She has been waiting for a home with no other pets.  I will explain her story and you will see why. 

Roxy's owners kept her in a wire crate after she was involved in a dog fight.  She had wounds all over the head and body and no medical attention was given to her.  Her wounds were all infested. 

The owners did not want her anymore and we went and rescued her. She was taken to a vet in Orlando and spent a few days there getting cured.  Roxy was loving to all she met.

The Acosta Hotel has many other rescues living there and every time she was put with another dog, always MALES, she went on to fight the dog.  Of course, males seldom fight back and when she saw there was not retaliation, she backed down.

 She feels she needs to FIGHT any dog that she comes in contact with. She is a STRONG, GORGEOUS BITCH.

 ROXY IS LOVING, she shows no aggression to people, on the contrary she loves the attention.  ROXY IS A PLAYER, she loves to play, have toys, balls, etc.  ROXY LOVES THE WATER, she will play under the hose for hours if you let her.  ROXY IS FULL OF LIFE, always ready TO GO.

ROXY NEEDS A HOME, where she is the only dog and she WILL BE THE MOST FAITHFUL DOG IN THE WORLD. 

At the clinics, of which she was at three, she never showed any aggression to the dogs in the waiting room.  She only wants to DOMINATE in her own grounds. That is why she cannot be placed in a  home with other pets.

Go look at her please. I pray to God that YOU will be her FINAL HOME.

She deserves better than being on the side of home in a large run. She needs the PHYSICAL ATTENTION OF HER MASTER and a special person she can shower all of her love on.  She is a truly loving and good dog.

She waits for the guardian angel who will rescue her.....could that be you?. 




In an email received from our club president we received the great news that Roxy was adopted


Following is the letter


Finally, Roxy was adopted today.   Remember ROXY????
She was the dog in Orlando whose owners kept her in a crate after a dog fight and had her wounds infested. 
George Crawford took her to the clinic and gave her the first days of Tender Loving Care.
She came to Miami to my home.  Roxy was spayed but had to go through HW treatment and we almost lost her.  She had a bad reaction to IMMITICIDE, the HW treatment drug. She developed anemia. 
Roxy recuperated completely and got back to being a beauty.
Roxy is a tough cookie. She is a dominant bitch and we had to wait for a home with no other pets.  She snapped twice to the man who came to adopt her and later warmed up to him.  He took her for a long walk around my home.
I told him and wife to take it easy with her.  A few minutes ago, he called and said that Roxy was on her back playing with her new toys!!!
Roxy, loves to play, loves toys and LOVES WATER!!!  What a character!
Lets say a prayer all of us together for Roxy and her new home. Lets pray that she has found her FINAL place to live.
I miss my ROXY...


All reports that we have received thus far as to her new home have been great.  Roxy had a very bad life to begin with and learned not to trust in her new home we hope and am glad that she will learn to love and trust and be happy