It may sound ridiculous,  but it is right on time.  
We  believe that something is  about to happen.  Angels exist, only  sometimes they  haven't got wings and we call them friends.


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and now on September 9, 2009 and update below!

Rottweiler mix

Size: Medium
Age: 2 years
Sex:  Female


My ordeal was awful, I thought I was going for a car ride, but instead they open the door and dumped me on a ramp on I-95.
I only remember another car stopping and a helping hand that got me in.
They took me to their home and call Grace and she ask them to take me to the Clinic.
When I got to the Clinic, another call to Grace, this time to tell her that I was not a pure breed Rottweiler, but she said, IT DOESN'T MATTER, WE WILL TAKE HER ANYWAY.
I am 2 years old and extremely friendly and playful.
Yoly named me AMBER, because I have been shaved and the Rottweiler undercoat is an AMBER color.
Yes, I am a Rottweiler and a pretty one, my BLACK COAT is coming back, no wonder I think like a Rottie and I will love the family that adopt me, only like a Rottie can love.
Give me a chance and I'll prove it to you.

For information about AMBER, please contact Yoly Ramirez at  or call her at 954-309-0115

and here is what Chelsea writes on 9/9/09!

Hi Grace, I just wanted to give you an update on Amber.  She is the best dog I could have ever hoped for. 

Beautiful and sweet, generous
with kisses, and friendly to everyone. ( As long as she senses that
her family is comfortable).

I'll give you a rundown of the pics I sent you.  We have so many it was hard to choose!

1- One of Amber's first attempts at swimming.  It seems it doesn't
come natural to dogs after all!  We call her Nessie in the water because of the uncanny resemblance to the Loch Ness Monster.  This pic was taken at the Davis Island dog park in Tampa.
2- Amber and me in the backyard, she was probably distracted by one of the many lizards.
3- Amber's immediate family! Her mom, her daddy, Doug, and her brother,
a shepherd mix named Rebel. This was one of the many shots we attempted for our 2007 Christmas card pic.
4- Amber on a chase at the dog park
5- A happy girl!
6- Amber with the only toy she cannot tear to bits (other than a wubba)
7- One of her many funny faces
8- Amber's head in Rebel's lap
9- Amber after a walk... that tongue!
10- Amber taking a ride in her daddy's truck
11- We make each other happy!

Amber lived in the same house in Tampa for over 2 1/2 years.  Earlier
this year we lost Rebel, her brother and pal.  He was 13.  Doug got him when he was just a puppy, and it was a devastating loss for all of us.  Amber still sniffs and pays close attention to his urn. 


In May we moved from Tampa to Delaware for the summer.  Amber had such a
blast there!  She ran outside all day.  By 8
o'clock every night she
couldn't even open her eyes because she was so exhausted. 

She loved
the pool and greatly improved her swimming technique.  She also became
buddies with my parents chihuahua, so she always had company. 


weeks ago we moved to Nashville, TN.  I was worried about the
transition for her because she has had so many changes this year.
Those worries were not necessary- she loves it!  We are in an apartment for our first six months here to give us time to find a
suitable house. 


There is a dog park on the property, so she has plenty of room to run off leash.  Our walks are quite different now
because of the hills here- Amber and I both need to get used to them!

All in all she is happy, healthy, and loved unconditionally.

  Grace, I
am so thankful to you that Amber is in my life.  I know you helped her
become the amazing dog she is today.  She became not only a part of my
life in August of 2006-- There are people who love her greatly
everywhere, from Tampa to Nashville to Massachusetts. (really!)

Whenever you have time, I would like to know a little more about the
story of when she was found, and anything else about her I may not
know.  I remember she was found under an overpass, but I do not know
much.  Her history is important to me!  I hope to hear from you soon!
     With gratitude,   Chelsea Carmean



Gulfstream GUARDIAN ANGELS Rottweiler Rescue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316, FL
305 551-8664

 her new pictures

going to the beach!

running back HOME!

back to my friend and my Mom!

and time to rest...

I have a great family and life!