He is that sweet!
Flash!  8/24/00 a month later...
FIRST REPORT - 7/24/00 - Scroll down to see 7/29/00 Report - Sugar goes home to Grace
Sugar came to rest in front of a home where over four years ago a rescue dog named Karl sought refuge.  Karl was adopted by Helen Mieles of Central Florida.
The owner of the house called Grace and said she had one more stray Rottweiler in her front yard.  This time, the dog was in much worse shape than Karl.  GRC members Marlen Valle and Grace Acosta went to pick him up.  Karl was dragging a 12 foot chain attached to a wide collar with a padlock!  He had been tied to a tree to wait for his rescuers.   He knew his new life was going to begin.  He was the friendliest rescue we have encountered.  And so, he was named SUGAR.  We guess him to be about 3 years old.

            July 24, 2000          

July 29, 2000
He looked much better five days later
Now look at him a

I have always called it
The Miracle of Love!

a handsome boy!

on 8/24/00 

Neck is raw!

His odor was unbearable. After removing his collar, Sugar was given a bath. 
He jumped right into his crate in Grace's van. He is a very loving dog.  He shakes hands if asked!

his back was oozing

and he has gained weight, and his fur is covering
his bones!

SUGAR was taken to Tropical Park Animal Hospital in Miami, Florida where he will go all kinds of treatments.

Gulfstream Rottweiler Club
Rescue Team
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Saturday, July 29 - 2000 
Grace picked up Sugar from the hospital and he is now at her home.

"Sugar tested positive for heartworms. He will not undergo treatment until he has gained some weight and he is healthier.  He was dewormed, given a bath and dip, and put on antibiotics.   He is very friendly and did not want to leave Maria, the vet tech. Outside he did not have a problem in jumping inside a crate in my van. As soon as he got to my house I took new pictures.  He was fed PRO PLAN Chicken & Rice, Nupro, 
Omega 3 tables, and Happy Jack skin supplement.  He ATE THE WHOLE THING!  Sugar is now on Keflex.  Enjoy his new pictures.  I will too compare them with the ones above."  

The Miracle of Love begins to happen on August 8, 2000
Grace , How is Sugar? We are the coastguard family in Jacksonville that contacted you about a adopting a rescue dog, after losing our boy in July. We are interested to find out if Sugar is available. Please contact us, (phone#) John & Deborah Julian

   We can count his ribs!

he is looking great!


A side view from the back

the side view is getting better

I am Happy Man!
and I want to thank all of you
who are contributing to my
medical expense.

I am Heartworm positive. My 
treatment will start soon.

And my new family is waiting for me. I love to read their
love letters...
on 8/9/00
Grace, I told the whole family today about Sugar, we are so excited. Visits to his web page have been from Debs family in England to NC for Johns. We are all batting for you Sugar. Our home in the country is waiting and we can wait as long as it takes. See you soon Andy ,Debbie & Haley Julian

and on 8/13/00
How are you doing lately? We haven't heard from you for a while. We do know that you are extremely busy with your all your boys and girls. Hope they are all doing well. My wife Debbie and I were wondering how Sugar is doing? Is he responding to treatment alright? We are anxious to see more pictures of him if possible. We really hope he pulls through. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. Hope to hear from you soon.
Andy and Debbie Julian

and on 8/23/00
Grace, Just a Hi from Jacksonville. We see the area is about to get a little wet!! Our thoughts are with you. We did hurricane Irene when we were down there, not too bad. We know you have lots of bad weather experience, nevertheless, take care. Big kisses to Sugar from us. Good luck at the vets, can't wait for his update, we are so exited. regards, Debbie & Andy

You are going to read about his final days with me before heading to his new home. Sugar needed his heartworm treatment and a month after he would be neutered. I knew he had one more month here.   His new family, the Julians, were anxiously waiting for "their" boy.  Read below some of the emails I received from the Julians.

On September 6th, 2000

Hi Grace, 
I hope I'm not bugging you too much, but is there any news/update/pictures on Sugar. The family is getting downright antsy! My daughter started a little preschool this week, and when introducing herself told everyone, "We're getting Sugardog when Grace Lady fixes him up, and he is humongous." The attention was kept in the classroom. Hope to hear from you soon, Take care down in the South. Regards,   
Debbie Julian

SUGAR went for his heartworm treatment on Monday, September 11th, 2000. He remained at the vet's office for a week and came back home with me to wait one more month before neutering.

September 26, 2000

Hello Grace,
How are you and your family of big boys and girls doing lately? Was just looking at some of the pictures on your site again. We love them. Debbie and I were just wondering how Sugar is doing. Is he going to pull through his treatment? We think about him a lot. We are also missing our boy Maxwell. If you could give us any kind of an update we would be grateful. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you (or Sugar - "BOOF" haha).
Andy, Debbie and Haley Julian

SUGAR was neutered on Thursday, October 5th, 2000. Spent two days at the vet and came home to meet his new family.  Andy, Debbie, and Haley drove over 6 hours to pick him up on October 7th, 2000.

Andy, Haley and Debbie Julian first photo with Sugar!
Talk about Guardian Angels!  Andy and Debbie were the Guardian Angels assigned to Sugar.  They did not belong to any Rottweiler list.  They found the story of Sugar surfing the Internet.  When they saw the first pictures of Sugar their hearts clicked! The "rescue assignment" became clear!  The Julians responded to God's calling without hesitation and wrote telling me they wanted to adopt Sugar. 

"Don't cry for me, Grace. 
I am leaving you but I will always love you. 
This is my new car and shortly I will be in my "forever" home. 
Grace, thank you! 
Please, tell others that Guardian Angels do exist.

GOD loves all of us!

his picture is below, but first READ what SUGAR has to say himself!!!

"This is the best "kennel" I have ever been in!  The floor is sooo soft! 

 And those white "beds" behind me look very comfortable, too.

I am going to write to you, Grace. As soon as I find where the computer is."

                        Love you,

                       Your Sugar

Hi Grace!
I know you were probably thinking about me and I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful trip to my new home. Andy, Debbie and Haley are so nice to me. They petted and talked to me on that long ride to my new home. I was able to stop a couple of times on the way there and get out and have a good stretch which I appreciated very much.
I just love my new home. I got to meet an old granny dog named "Ninja." She is smaller than me but she is nice. I also got to meet a cat named "Marley." He is gray and I think he might be a little bit scared of me. I don't really know what to make of him yet, because every time I see him he runs away. I think he is friendly though.
I had a good sniff around and everything is pretty nice up here. I have a big yard to play in with my new family that I just love. I was sure to walk around and pee on all the bushes so everyone knows I am here. I started to put my leg up on a couch last night, But Debbie told me no so I went outside and had a pee instead.
Grace, I miss you but I think I will really like living here. The Julians are very nice and I love them too. They told me that you could come visit me sometime. I sure hope you will. I love you and want to thank you for saving me. You will always be very special to me.
Hugs and kisses,

Dear Grace:
Hopefully this will work. Pictures from Saturday. This boy is great, he loves life. Settled in without a hitch. He can be very rowdy and is very playful, ALWAYS got a kiss for you. He does his basic commands, walks great on a leash, very polite to passers by, and weighed in at 89.9# on Sunday. I am trying to hook us up with Rottie-l. Again a big thank you!!!
Regards, Andy, Debbie & Haley

Dear grace, 
 Sugar is now a part of our life and we love him. He is very good, pleasant and would be a very good ambassador for rotties. He is in the garden checking out squirrels now.
I do write with some anticipation though, I noticed on Thursday he had a lump under his Right side of the jaw bone. He had also picked his stitches out, though it is healing around the edges. The lump is of 'significant' concern, according to our vet. He therefore went to surgery on Friday and we await his biopsy this week. He recovered real well. Andy stayed with him and by the evening he was ready for any action! 
We will of course let you know. 
Regards     Deborah Julian

"Goodbye to all!  My life has begun now. I will always be grateful to all those who contributed to my recovery.  May God bless, you all. I am leaving my "home" at Grace's house to a pregnant Rottweiler from Animal Control. This girl and her babies don't know what awaits for them. Guardian Angels are everywhere for us."